Learn About Lead-Lined Window Frames for Radiation Shielding

Learn About Lead-Lined Window Frames for Radiation Shielding

Radiation shielding is a kind of method to reduce wave’s effects by bouncing materials through the barrier. The shielded rooms mostly need a shielded door as well. Further, it helps in losing the energy produced in the shielded barriers. You will get various sizes when it comes to X-ray glasses. 

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Types of Lead lined window frames

The following are the 5 types of lead lined window frames:

• Lead glass discs

The lead glass is always designed as per the project-specific requirements. They have a standard size that you must select from. It provides a higher concentration of barium and lead. The glass comes to be transparent or slightly yellow in tint. 

The thicker the glass is, the better shielding it can provide. The lead glasses are used mostly in the medical industry to protect against gamma rays and X rays. 

• Leaded glass

The leaded glass is so thick that provides amazing shielding properties. Furthermore, the materials are placed with thin lead-built walls or doors. They are used in various observation windows as well. Most of the companies provide high-quality and transparent leaded glasses. 

These are also used for controlling the windows for applications. These lead glasses provide better lead equivalency to all other materials. 

• X-ray Glass

X-Ray Glass is leaded glass that provides shielding by absorbing radiation. Secondly, these glasses are mostly used in radiation therapies. If you get thicker glasses, you will be getter better radiation shielding. They become useful as observation windows for x rays, and protective windows in laboratories. 

X-ray glasses are also used in nuclear applications like airport security, etc. The shielding is done from radioactive stations. They come in various sizes, so choose the most suited ones. You will also get custom options available along with laminated glass safety. 

• Leaded Windows

The leaded windows are made of any thickness with acrylic or glass. These are perfectly stained using traditional materials. These are used mostly for observation equipment. The lead windows protect the doctors from X-ray radiation. 

Radiation shielding should be of high quality made from optical grade materials. These windows can be laminated as per request. The material is uniformly dense with a dependable shielding value. 

• X-ray Window

The X-ray window is very thick that can be installed within minutes. Further, it provides easy installation. The frames come with standard primer along with ready-to-paint surfaces. You can fabricate as per the custom sizes. It is used for medical X-rays, gamma rays, and beta photo shielding. 


All the industries using these lead glasses use them as part of safety and properties. Lead glass is also preferred with its vulnerability. You can customize it as per its size, structure, and patterns. 

Jacques Bedard