How to Use Ovulation Kits to Predict Pregnancy

How to Use Ovulation Kits to Predict Pregnancy

If you want to predict pregnancy, you can use an ovulation kit for this task. There are present different types of ovulation kits in the market to choose from. Prior to use the ovulation kit, you must read the instructions given on the package. Each type of ovulation kit comes with its own specific instructions. You can visit boots online retail store to shop best quality ovulation kits. You can get best discount offers on all types of pregnancy products by using the Boots promo code. This code is easily available at

Saliva Test Kit:

This type of ovulation kit uses saliva to predict pregnancy. It is very convenient and simple to use. You just need to add few drops of saliva to the slide and leave this sample for few minutes. When the sample becomes dry you can view it under the good microscope. If you notice a distinct fern-like pattern, it shows pregnancy. The saliva test kit is economical and easy to use. At boots online store, you will see the best collection of all types of ovulation kits. Find the boots promo code to get good discount offers on pregnancy products.

How to Increase the Accuracy of Saliva Test?

In order to increase the accuracy of saliva test, you should not brush your teeth before the test. Similarly it is not recommended to smoke, drink and eat anything before test. Clean the lens and slides before using it. Prior to view the sample under microscope, it is good to remove the glasses. Avoid creating air bubbles on the slide with saliva. Let the sample to dry for some time. You can follow these tips to increase the accuracy of your saliva test. In order to buy best quality ovulation kits, you can head to boots online store. Use the latest Boots promo code to save some part of your investment.

Accuracy of Ovulation Kits:

No doubt, ovulation kits are accurate, fast and reliable. They can predict the more accurate results as compared to temperature and calendar-based methods. It is wise to choose an ovulation kit that claims 99 percent accuracy of test. In order to find the reliable, accurate and best ovulation kits, you can visit boots online store. No need to worry about the price of product as you can use the newest Boots promo code to get special discount offers on products.

Urine-Based Ovulation Predictor:

Most of the ovulation kits available in the market use the urine sample to detect the pregnancy. You just need to collect your urine in a sterile container to do the test. Dip the test card in urine for few seconds and observe the change on colored band. If the change occurs in color band and it becomes darker, it shows LH surge is occurring. Most of the ovulation kits detect the change in the level of estrogen and progesterone hormone to predict pregnancy. If you have Boots promo code you can get big discount offers on ovulation kits.

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