How EMDR Therapy is Useful for Healing Addiction?

EMDR is the common term used for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a psychotherapy treatment usually applied to treat disorders caused by substance abuse. It helps a person to retain their memories that relates to reducing mental trauma. It aids greatly to decrease the stress level of the patient undergoing treatment to shed off the addiction to abused substances.

You can read EMDR therapy – the complete guide while visiting the official webpage of Arrow Passage Recovery providing effective addiction and dual diagnosis treatment. Medical professionals take every step to give individual and personalized treatment for their patients for a speedy recovery. The treatment program is designed by examining the patient’s needs to stay healthy after ending the usage of abused substances. emdr therapy charlotte nc is one of the most effective and easier ways to treat patients to remain safe from relapse symptoms.

Usually, intake of abused substances evades mental tension that the person is experiencing for a long time. Hence, to stop the consumption of abused elements like alcohol and drugs, it is important to cure the user’s mental health. EMDR has proven to be a great help in getting relief from mental stress.

More about EMDR:

  • How it works –
    • Usually, the psychiatrists talking to their patients will make their fingers move or wave an object before their eyes. The eye movement helps to reduce the stress level that gradually helps them to clear their memory from unwanted sad memories. The past unpleasant happenings are cleared, which triggers their mind to be clogged by depression.
    • The first phase session helps the emdr therapist durham nc to understand their patient mental disorder symptoms, the causes and reasons for choosing the usage of abused substances. A treatment plan is formatted and is explained to the patient and their family.
    • The therapist starts the process by asking varied questions related to past events to the patient and judging their responses while observing their expressions. The assistance of the therapist helps the patient to recall the memories that remain suppressed in their mind, which played a major role in causing the mental issues.
    • The therapist supports the patient to understand how their body is affected by the sad past and slowly strengthen the mind to let go off the memories forever to regain confidence and belief in themselves. The physical signs that were triggered while remembering the past slowly wade away resulting, the person being free to lead a lively life.
  • The benefits expected from EMDR therapy:
    • Often the root cause for influence in using the abused substance is troublesome memories. The EMDR process applied by the therapist proves useful to get rid of them to look forward to bright features without being tensed about the past. A person regains self-confidence and regains the belief to lead a good life.

Many times, relapse of addiction occurs when the person stops taking prescribed medications. This psychological treatment has proven to be quite supportive to cope with memories and to be free from relapse symptoms.


Jacques Bedard