How does nicotine replacement therapy work on quit smoking?

How does nicotine replacement therapy work on quit smoking?

Nicotine replacement therapy is a kind of treatment that helps people stop smoking. This treatment gives you nicotine in the form of gum, patches, sprays, inhalers. Nicotine replacement therapy can help you to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Before you start using a nicotine replacement product, here are some things you should know:

After joining the medication programme, you have to quit smoking.

During the nicotine replacement treatment, do not smoke because it can cause nicotine to build up to toxic levels.

This treatment prevents you from weight gaining while you are using it. If you stop using it, you may still gain weight.

Types of nicotine replacement therapy

The nicotine supplements come in many forms, such as Gum, Inhalers, Nasal spray ,Skin patch.

Nicotine patch

The nicotine patch is like a band-aid, which is applied by sticking it onto your skin. The nicotine will be slowly absorbed into your body through your skin. There are two simple steps to use nicotine patches correctly:

Step one

Apply the patch onto the skin area for about 20 seconds, and you can even put it on the chest, arm. You can do your daily activities after applying the patch correctly. Apply it on a different area of your skin each day. You can consult a doctor, and the doctor instructs how to use nicotine patches 14mg, how to apply it, and what not to do while using it.

Step two

Wash your hands thoroughly with water, and it can take some time for the patch to start working. Even you can use a faster acting type of nicotine treatment therapy which helps to reduce cravings. It’s best to consult your doctor or pharmacist, who can provide more information for any skin irritation. To avoid skin irritation, you can apply the patch to different areas of skin each day.

Nicotine gum

Without any prescription, you can buy nicotine gum or lozenges. It can control the nicotine dose. Here are some tips for using the gum:

  • Read the instructions adequately given in the package.
  • Chew one or two pieces each hour if you are starting to quit, and do not chew the gum more than twenty pieces a day.
  • While chewing gum, it provides a peppery taste. Keep the peppery paste between the gum and cheek and store it there, which lets the nicotine be absorbed.
  • After consulting your doctor, you can stop using the gum by 12 weeks.

Nicotine nasal spray

  • It gives a quick dose of nicotine to satisfy a craving. This spray needs to be prescribed by a provider.
  • Check the provider’s information before using it. You may have to use it 1 or 2 times every hour.
  • Please do not use it more than 80 times a day.
  • It can create irritation on your nose, eyes and throat. It may cure in a few days.

Final thoughts

Nicotine replacement treatment helps to reduce your cravings to smoke. Follow the prescriptions as mentioned above and also consult the best provider or doctor. Read the instructions thoroughly.

Martin Dupuis