Here Is What You Must Do After a Cataract Surgery

Here Is What You Must Do After a Cataract Surgery

Eye Cataract Surgery overland park ks is quite simple and usually has a high success rate. However, the success rate depends a lot upon what happens during the recovery.

Even if the procedure is low-risk, every cataract surgery doctor in Dubai offers a few post-operation recovery tips that every patient is required to abide by.

Let’s take a look at what these recovery tips are:

1- Avoid driving post-surgery 

Not just after the surgery, but it is important to avoid driving at all for a few days post-surgery. Typically 3 to 4 days are enough, but you will need to get a clear sign from your doctor in order to start driving.

Based on how you are healing, the doctor may suggest you the time frame of when you can drive at your first follow-up appointment.

2- Keep the eyes protected

Once the surgery is complete, you will require wearing a clear, protective shield to prevent rubbing the eye and gain protection against dirt and pollutants.

On arriving home, you can remove this shield after a few hours. But, make sure that you don’t throw it away because the shield must be worn while sleeping for at least 4 to 5 days post-surgery.

You may experience distorted vision for a while after removing the shield, but that is nothing but the new lens adapting to the light around.

3- Avoid harsh lighting

For the next 24-hours after the surgery, it is best to avoid flashlights. This can be anything from television to mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc.

If you have bright installed around the house, keep these lights off and opt for dim lighting if required.

Take it easy and make sure to rest the eyes as much as possible. They need to heal and not be stimulated.

4- Take care when bathing

One can take a bath after the surgery but needs to take a lot of precautions, too.

At all costs, avoid drenching and splashing your face with water. It is best to avoid doing so for a week post-surgery. This is because, in the first week after the surgery, your eyes are an open wound. Dirty water can cause infections and other issues.

If you wish to wash your hair, take help from a family member or get them washed professionally.

5- Never skip the follow-up appointments
The most important part of the recovery is not missing any follow-up appointments suggested by the doctor.

It is only during the follow-ups, the doctor can assess your healing and prescribe medications.

Over to you

Cataract surgery has life-changing benefits. But those benefits can only be reaped if the aftercare is paramount.

So, follow the tips suggested above to ensure you make the most out of your investment in cataract surgery.

Martin Dupuis