Hacks to Get the Most Out of Annual OB/GYN Appointments

Your reproductive health deserves more attention. This is from preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancy to screening for concerns like cervical cancer for prompt intervention. Annual San Antonio, TX obstetrics and gynecology appointments make maintaining a practical reproductive health care regimen easier. Nonetheless, many don’t get as much from their annual checkups since it is often something they need to check off their schedule. It shouldn’t be just another item on your calendar, and with a few tips, you can ensure that your visits are more productive to help keep your reproductive health in top shape for years. Below are some tips to help you squeeze the most out of the Ob/Gyn annual exams.

Be honest

Many people admit to lying to their doctors due to fear or shame. The gynecologist’s office is a safe space where you should not hold back. You may feel ashamed of some irresponsible sexual behaviors since your last appointment, but holding back won’t help ensure your annual checkup serves you the best way possible. Talk to them about that unprotected sexual encounter with a new partner and any symptoms you may have experienced since it could help ensure the proper STI screening is done. This is crucial because many STIs are sneaky and, if not treated in time, can wreak havoc, including affecting your fertility.

Be armed with questions

Asking questions while your “goods” are in the open during the checkups may not be the most comfortable encounter. You should be armed with a list of questions you need answered to ensure nothing slides off your mind. Making the most out of the short session will be easier if you keep the doctor busy answering your questions while running physical tests. With the list, you will ask more and discuss concerns like new symptoms.

Schedule the visits when not on period

If your annual OB/GYN visits are during your menstrual periods, they may not be the most convenient. Your gynecologists can effectively run the tests, but the sessions will not be as comfortable for you or the doctor. Scheduling the visits when not on your period is recommended, but if they are irregular, don’t let it get in your way. Irregular periods could indicate a problem that the visits will help establish.

Arrive early

The annual visit usually begins with taking your vitals. The physician’s assistant does this, and you don’t want it to eat into your session with the doctor. The earlier you arrive, ideally 20 minutes before the appointment, the more you can achieve. This will ensure the vitals and anything else needed before the session are taken care of, allowing you to have more time with the gynecologist.

Annual OB/GYN visits are essential for your reproductive wellness. This is especially considering the changes during phases, including pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Checking the external genitals, examining your cervix and vagina, and running a bimanual pelvic examination (BPE) allow you to learn more about your reproductive health and can help catch issues in time for prompt treatment. Contact Aurora OB/GYN today for all your reproductive health-related needs.

Johnny Burrell