Fat Freeze Singapore: What are the Side Effects of Fat Freezing?

Fat Freeze Singapore: What are the Side Effects of Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat cells. Cooling the targeted area causes the destruction of interstitial adipocytes, which are cells interspersed between other tissue types.

When the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius, adipocytes shrinkage occur as they crystallize and die out. This process encourages your body’s natural ability to dissolve and remove dead fat cells over time.

If you are bothered by areas of fat which you can’t seem to shed no matter how much you exercise, a viable option that you may want to try is fat freeze. Singapore offers a number of fat freezing clinics so take your time and visit a few, talking to the doctors and technicians before making a decision. If you are interested in getting a fat freeze in Singapore, this treatment is available at Veritas Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

This innovative technology is effective not only on subcutaneous (below the skin) fatty deposits like love handles and buttocks but also on visceral (internal but beneath the abdomen wall layer) fat such as around organs like kidneys and intestines for people with obesity or overweight issues; rendering it an extremely versatile method that can surpass the limitations of liposuction and encourage patients to achieve their body shape goals naturally.

What are the side Effects of Fat Freezing, and are they Worth it?

Fat freezing is a popular, safe and effective treatment but that doesn’t imply that it’s totally safe. The main adverse effects of fat freezing treatment are bruising, swelling, redness, and pain in the treated area.

You may also experience some numbness or tingling sensation as well as mild to moderate discomfort for a couple of days after your first session. However, these side effects are mild, usually subsiding within 24 – 48 hours post-procedure, depending on how your individual body responds. As long as you follow your aesthetic doctor’s professional advice provided during consultation prior to your procedure, you can expect manageable levels of side effects that won’t cause inconvenience in your daily life.

If you feel anything out of the ordinary or start noticing some unusual symptoms after your treatment, we strongly advise you to contact the aesthetic clinic immediately. All in all, fat freezing treatments have been proven to be safe so opting for a fat freeze in Singapore if you feel frustrated with stubborn fat is definitely worth a shot.

How to Prepare for your Fat-freezing Treatment?

Prior to your first session, you will need to refrain from taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and Ibuprofen for at least two weeks or until the bruising has subsided. You can still take Paracetamol if needed, but we advise against Aspirin and Ibuprofen due to their blood-thinning properties that may increase your risk of excessive bleeding during the procedure.

We also recommend that patients avoid caffeine-rich drinks such as teas and coffees before their sessions because caffeine heightens the risk of bruising. We also recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and bring along a cardigan or jacket for warmth during your session, which causes a slight tingling sensation and increases sensitivity under the cold temperature.

There are several guidelines your aesthetic doctor will recommend for you to follow. It is important that you follow them closely so that you don’t misconstrue any potential complications as side effects. This helps ensure that your treatment is as safe and effective as possible, preventing unnecessary risks.

What to Expect During and after your Treatment

Your sessions for fat freeze in Singapore should take about 1 hour per location. During your first appointment, you will be covered with a cloth drape so that only the target area is exposed to ensure utmost privacy.

The aesthetic doctor will then apply a cooling gel pack over the chosen body parts before subjecting it to controlled cooling using specialized fat freeze machine. The whole process usually requires four rounds of 35 minutes each, but this may vary according to how large your deposit of fatty tissue is.

If more than one targeted body part needs to be treated, we recommend that you split up the sessions into two separate appointments. This gives your body enough time to heal from the bruising and swelling caused by the first session before undergoing a second one.

Tips for Maintaining your Results after Treatment

While getting your sessions of fat freeze in Singapore are definitely, worth it, you will need to take care of your body if you are to enjoy the maximum benefits from your treatments. The first and most effective way to maintain results is to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

This means you need to watch your intake of sugar and carbohydrates and avoid saturated fats because these nutrients have been known to increase the size of fat cells. We also encourage our patients to opt for a healthier lifestyle by adopting a regular exercise regimen that targets problem areas such as their legs or thighs.

You can include aerobic exercises like running and jogging in your routine, along with strength training activities such as squats and lunges. This would naturally speed up digestion which helps improve the body’s metabolism, so there is less room for any excess fat deposits.

We also strongly advise that you avoid smoking and limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine. All these habits also contribute towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall, which we hope you would have adopted prior to getting the fat freeze treatment in the first place.

It is important that you maintain a positive outlook throughout this process because results may vary from patient to patient depending on factors such as hormonal balance tolerance level underlying medical conditions. If you are unsure about anything, be sure to inform your aesthetic doctor so that you can discuss it in greater detail.

Do note that fat freezing is not a weight loss solution. It should never be treated as one, and you should not adopt this practice if your primary motivation for getting treatment is to lose weight. Instead, you should embrace a healthy lifestyle with an appropriate diet and regular exercise so that the results from our fat-freezing sessions will last longer.

Final Thoughts

Fat-freezing treatments are generally safe with minimal side effects as long as you abide by the instructions for preparation before and after the procedure is completed. If you have any pain or discomfort after your treatment, please rest assured that it will subside within a couple of days, so there’s no need to panic.

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