Effective Treatments For Eyebags Removal

Effective Treatments For Eyebags Removal

Waking up in the morning and watching your eyes all puffy is a common thing. Generally, the puffiness goes away but people with eyebags have to struggle with it all day long. Truth be told, it’s pretty easy to get rid of eyebags and we are sharing some amazing methods. So, are you ready to get rid of those eyebags?

Agnes RF Treatment

It involves the Agnes device which is more of an extension of RF micro-needling treatments. The primary purpose of this treatment is to fix acne but this cosmetic technology has become the ultimate option for facial rejuvenation (yes, eyebag removal is one of them). It can reduce the fat pads below the eyes. In addition, it delivers the tightening, lifting, and smoothening effects that create facelift-like results.

This treatment for eyebag removal revolves around using the hand device with micro-insulated and precise needles that help the RF energy integrate into the skin. There are different sizes and lengths of needles available, hence the customization of treatment according to your needs. It heats the skin that improves the cosmetic results.

The heat improves collagen and elastin production which eventually results in improved cell turnover. As a result, the targeted area will be tight, firm, and youthful while reducing the appearance of eyebags. The best thing about Agnes RF treatment for eyebags removal is that it’s suitable for different skin types and tones. The treatment is customizable according to the intensity of eyebags.

The best thing about Agnes RF treatment is that the treatment sessions are short (yup, you don’t have to take an off from work). It can be customized to treat different skin concerns and the technology is completely safe. To top it all, there is no downtime after the treatment and there are no compromises on precision.

What we love about Agnes RF treatment is that the results can be improved by following some at-home tips. First of all, you can opt for cold compressors because it reduces the swelling and inflammation by limiting the blood flow. For this purpose, you can opt for ice packs, frozen cucumber slices, or even refrigerated spoons over your closed eyes.

Depending on the cosmetician, they might prescribe a hemorrhoid cream because it helps reduce the appearance of eyebags under the eyes. These creams have phenylephrine which narrows the blood vessels, hence reduction in swelling. However, these creams must be used if the doctor prescribes because it’s a sensitive one.


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or more commonly known as HIFU, uses medical-grade ultrasound for non-invasive skin tightening by promoting collagen production at the four different skin layers.

When utilized to remove eyebags, HIFU could help achieve these benefits.

  • Restored collagen and elastin in the skin
  • Firming of underlying muscles, ligaments, as well as the SMAS layer
  • Reduced under eye fats

This treatment targets the 3 major factors that aggravate eyebag appearance –ligamentous and muscle laxity, thinned skin and under eye fat accumulation.


The second treatment is a filler which is all about placing the filler material under the eyes (for the most part, hyaluronic acid is used). It helps create a smooth transition between cheeks and undereye areas. The fillers are injected through an injection and you might be given local anesthesia to prevent pain. Overall, the fillers remain effective for six to twelve months.

Laser Resurfacing

The laser resurfacing treatment is all about using a laser for removing the surface layers of eyebags. It’s a great way of eyebag removal and is also suitable for removing wrinkly skin. It helps with improved collagen growth, hence firm skin around the eyes. The best thing about laser resurfacing is that the results are effective for years, depending on the sun exposure and skin type.

Chemical Peels

The chemical peel is all about removing the top superficial layers from the undereye area. With this treatment, the chemical solution is dissolved into the skin, resulting in bright and tight skin (it reduces the appearance of eyebags). So, which treatment are you getting?

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