Commonly Asked Questions about Retainers

Commonly Asked Questions about Retainers

Have you ever admired another person’s teeth? It is every individual’s dream to have a perfect dental alignment. However, only a few people have perfect alignment. This condition has a negative impact, such as affecting the individual breathing, speech, and smile. This condition has also affected the individual’s self-confidence. People are seeking dental treatment to treat this condition. Retainers Carmichael has proven as one of the best treatments to align the individual’s teeth. The following are the commonly asked questions regarding retainers.

Why do I Require a Retainer?

Before having the retainer, the person must understand the change the retainer will have. After removing the braces, there are several reasons why a person should consider having retainers. The retainers prevent the teeth from moving back to the previous position. The main reason is the soft tissue and the bone in the jaw will require you to adjust to the current position of your new teeth. The retainer will therefore give your teeth to embrace this change.

How Will I Clean the Retainer?

Most people ready to take retainers are usually cautious about their dental health. They require knowledge about how they will clean the retainers. If you do not clean your retainer, you can have bacteria, tartar, or plaque on the retainer. You should also ensure you clean your retainers daily by soaking and brushing them lightly as prescribed by the doctor. Moreover, you should brush your teeth twice daily and floss them daily.

Are Retainers Uncomfortable?

People usually want to know how they will feel after the process. After having the retainers, you could feel a change in the first week, even though you will feel better with time. During the first week, you could suffer from an increase in saliva production which could interfere with your speech. However, after the first few days, the pain could cease, and you start adapting. If the condition persists, you should visit an orthodontist or a dentist.

Will I Wear the Retainers Forever?

There has been a misconception that if you start to wear retainers, you will have to wear them for the rest of your life. However, if you wear them 24/7 and only remove them when eating, drinking fluids, or brushing, you could have recovered within three months. However, other people could be required to wear them for up to 12 months according to the condition of their teeth. It is important to note that this time you will wear them is worth investing in.

How Much Do Retainers Cost?

Before undergoing any treatment, every individual is ready to understand what the treatment will cost. The person has to compare this treatment with other available treatments. Besides, the person has to know if they will be able to cater to the whole process to avoid quitting before finishing the whole treatment. Even though the retainers vary, the person will likely pay approximately $ 100 for every retainer.

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