Common Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Treatment

Common Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Treatment

Millions of men are struggling with erectile dysfunction, and there is nothing about it to feel ashamed. You can set yourself up for success by talking to your doctor about the available treatment options.

Both mental and physical wellness depend on erections. Besides, a healthy erection depends on your hormones, psychological elements, blood vessels and nerves. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to the issues in any of these areas. ED is quite prevalent and can be mistaken for other sexual issues. It might also be an indicator of additional health problems. This post helps you know in detail about ED.

A regular failure to achieve and sustain an erection is known as ED. As people age, this problem occurs more frequently. However, it may also occur as a result of medical issues or drugs. Keep reading to know about some of the symptoms of ED. 

  • having trouble in getting an erection. 
  • unsatisfactory after having sex. 
  • being unable to keep an erection for a longer time.

One of the well-known and frequently prescribed drugs for treating ED in males is Kamagra. It is without a doubt the best generic version of brand-name viagra. There are so many suppliers who are offering Kamgra online. However, some of them might sell fake Kamagra. 

Hence, it is necessary to do proper research, before buying it from any store online. To Kamagra 100mg für alle Männer einfach hier zu bestellen, check the site Top Apotheke. As this is one of the most trustworthy suppliers of ED related drugs, you can place your order there without any worries. 

People don’t ED suddenly. It’s common to occasionally experience erection problems, especially after consuming alcohol and when you are under stress. ED may be present if symptoms appear very often.

ED Causes

It’s crucial to address and manage any health conditions because many of them might cause ED. Some of the health conditions which can cause ED are sleep apnea, Type-2 diabetes, depression, anxiety and High BP. 

Changes in lifestyle and taking certain medications can help by relieving the symptoms of ED. It’s critical to treat underlying diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, if they are reason for your problem. If ED is a result of some of the medications, which you are using currently, discuss about it with your doctor. Your doctor will let you know what has caused ED by checking your condition. 

The effect of Kamagra may last for about 5 to 6hours. Besides, it can be taken at time in a day, irrespective of whether you had your food or not. However, for best results, take it on an empty stomach. 

As previously discussed, psychological factors like stress, despair, or worry can occasionally be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Psychological therapy can assist in treating the erectile dysfunction and the cause for it. Counselling and CBT are two best examples of psychological treatment. 

Along with using the ED drugs, it is important to eat healthy food and follow good sleep habits. By doing this, you can enjoy a happy sexual life. 


Martin Dupuis