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Breast cancer in the Philippines may have new cases from 2020 until this recent year, but thanks to people’s growing awareness, early detection is possible. When this happens, it is easier to find the right solution for early signs of breast cancer among people diagnosed with it. Breast cancer treatment in the Philippines is now accessible to numerous hospitals around the country. Other than the available treatments, instruments used for diagnosis and early detection, like ultrasound, MRI, and mammogram, are readily available.

The cost of breast biopsy test in the Philippines and other standard tests mentioned earlier can range from 500-10,000 pesos. Other methods, like breast cancer staging: blood test, bone scan, PET, and CT scan, may cost more as these methods identify the cancer extent in a patient’s body.

What are the Treatments for Breast Cancer?

Women now have better options for treating breast cancer because of developments in cancer treatment. Based on the kind and stage of your breast cancer, your doctor will advise you and choose the best course of action. Here are some of the common treatments directed to patients:

  • Breast-Conserving Surgery (Lumpectomy) – a practical choice for most female cancer patients. Your surgeon will do this operation to remove the cancerous tissues from your breast while preserving as much of the standard breast tissue as feasible.

Women with smaller tumors might benefit from this therapy. Women may occasionally receive chemotherapy to reduce the size of their cancers before having them removed. After BCS, further treatments like radiation therapy are frequently administered.

  • Mastectomy – In contrast to BCS, mastectomy entails removing the entire breast to remove cancerous tissues. When breast-conserving surgery is not an option, this operation is carried out. In some situations, newer surgical methods may be possible to restore the breast’s look following mastectomy.
  • Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy is a form of systemic therapy which uses specialized medications to kill rapidly proliferating cells like cancer. Not all breast cancer patients require chemotherapy. There are, however, some circumstances in which the surgery can significantly impact the patients.

There are numerous other ways to treat breast cancer. Check this infographic by Hope From Within to learn more treatment options for breast cancer.

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