Baby Blanket Size Guide: How To Choose The Right Size

Baby Blanket Size Guide: How To Choose The Right Size

When it comes down to choosing the right products for babies, you have to be extra cautious. Be it food or cosmetics, clothes or accessories, the item has to be comfortable. Similarly, when you plan to buy a baby blanket, there are certain aspects you always consider before the purchase.

First of all, you look for the material used to craft the baby blanket. Ideally light-weight yet premium quality material such as mulmul should be used that can offer the warmth a baby needs without evoking the slightest discomfort. Apart from the baby blanket being light, soft and breathable, you should take the size into account for the ultimate comfortable and cosy experience.

There are various reasons why size plays an instrumental role in the comfort factor of a baby blanket. Let us decode the same in the upcoming paragraphs.

A Size Guide to Baby Blankets

Firstly, please do not assume that a baby needs small and tiny pieces of wrap to snuggle. But it does not exceed a standard size as well. So, what is the ideal size of a baby blanket?

Consider the Growth Factor

If you buy a baby blanket for your 2-year old kid in the exact same size, you may need to discard it in two years. Babies are always growing and growing fast. You must keep this factor in mind while you buy a baby blanket. If you want a full value purchase, you would like to use the blanket for at least four years. Therefore, think in advance and buy the baby blanket in a size slightly larger than the baby.

Look at the Overall Size

Well, when we discuss the size of a baby blanket, we must think about both length and width. Now, why is width an important thing to look out for? Babies have the tendency to roll over while they are asleep. You may need to use a pillow or two on both sides so that the baby stays in a fixed position and does not flip out of the blanket. To cover the baby with pillows on both sides, the blanket must have a considerable width.

Buy Blankets in Generous Size

Generously sized is the right word for the blankets since we have so far discussed and understood that both length and breadth are important factors. Ideally, a blanket of 110 x 150 cm size is perfect for the baby. And furthermore, this size will cover the next few stages of the baby’s life. Be it a baby, a toddler or a pre-schooler, a generously sized blanket will always have him covered!

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