Are IVF babies healthy?

Are IVF babies healthy?

As a parent, couples are mainly concerned about the health condition of their babies.

When IVF babies are interested, before proceeding to the treatment, the parents want to ensure that their baby must be healthy and should not face any complications as it is not a natural method of giving birth to a life.

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Are the babies born by the IVF method healthy?

Is the baby born different from the normal babies born with natural conception?

Is there any chance of catching more diseases when born via IVF?

These are the most common questions that develop in the mind of people trying the IVF method for conceiving.

The answers to all these doubts simply lie in the records and research the scientists and experts do. The babies born via IVF conception look exactly the same as those born with natural conception, but are there any differences between the two on an internal basis?

Let us see a few things to know about IVF babies.

IVF has become a viable choice for partners struggling to be parents. The process involves fertilizing the egg and sperm outside the body in a laboratory. Hence, if problems or complexities occur in the baby, it is caused by the unnatural conception.

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Are IVF Babies Healthy? – The Research

An analysis in Australia happened, where the experts prepared questionnaires with a three-hour medical screening of separate individuals in the survey who were IVF conceived.

They discovered no sign of any growth, metabolic, respiratory, or heart problems.

However, IVF-conceived grown-ups noted suffering from asthma in their childhood. Until adulthood, the asthma disparity was not noticed.

IVF Babies and imprinting disorders?

With various research, it has been found that IVF babies sometimes suffer from Imprinting disorder.

It is a disorder where the genes of the mother and father are mistakenly represented in the embryo.

When we compare the imprinting disorder in babies born with natural conception, the rates are around two to three out of 20000 people.

However, the percentage is significantly less of imprinting disorder, but still, there are chances that around four to five people out of a population of 20000 suffer from it.

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What are pre-implantation genetic tests?

The pre-implantation genetic tests, commonly known as the PGT, permit IVF patients to affirm if their embryo might show positive for a distinct congenital ailment.

The investigation is laid for the exact disease may be because one of the parents has the disease or is a carrier.

The examination is taken before the embryos are moved for uterine implantation. It can help in detecting the embryos with abnormalities, so the possibility of an unsuccessful pregnancy can be avoided.

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Challenges As Parent You Faces for an IVF baby

IVF landed as a miracle for many parents facing infertility issues. It is undoubtedly an excellent process developed by scientists and remains one of the outstanding achievements that medical science has given to the world.

The ache of being infertile and unable to bear a child is miserable and unbearable. It can be a challenging, rough, and exhausting journey for any struggling couple. IVF here comes as a rescue and facilitates them by offering excellent results. But at the same time, few consequences come along with the bundled joy when in-vitro fertilization is concerned.

The couple faces social challenges; the presence of social stigma sometimes influences many couples and becomes a hindrance in making the decision. The pair drop the idea of going with IVF treatments because people disapprove of it as a natural process and view it as unhealthy and sick.

It becomes a sensitive topic when dealing with friends, family, and relatives. Thus, you must be powerful in your decision-making because you have to deal with many personal and intimate questions.

The child is sometimes not treated equally when people know they are not conceived naturally.

The child can even show some disparities if there is any fault in the process of the IVF treatment.

IVF babies can look different from their parents, which again make them a target for society’s brutal comment and discrimination.

People are very insensitive and can easily hurt anyone’s sentiments. Thus, these few things must be kept in mind.

The main concern should be the health and wellbeing of the child rather than focusing on people’s judgment.

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