Activities To Avoid If You Suffer From A Herniated Disc 

Activities To Avoid If You Suffer From A Herniated Disc 

If you are experiencing pain from a herniated disc, stopping it should be your first priority. You should visit a doctor and take the necessary steps. In the meantime, you should steer clear of activities that can worsen your pain or keep it from healing properly. The key is to not put too much pressure on your spine, particularly on the discs between the vertebrae. 

Certain daily activities that people commonly do without much thought can be the reason for your increasing pain. Many people heal completely when they avoid these activities and seek help from a Hamilton herniated discs expert or a chiropractor. Here are the biggest activities to avoid while dealing with a herniated disc. 

Activities to avoid if you suffer from a herniated disc 

  • Too much bed rest. 

While bed rest does not count as an activity, it is still something you should avoid for a long period of time. Previously, doctors used to recommend their patients to rest, but that has changed now. Too much bed rest does nothing to heal your condition. Rather it worsens your herniated disc. It is best to rest only immediately after you first experience herniated disc. Rest for two days but no more than that. 

  • House chores. 

It can seem impossible to sit around and not do your household chores when there are dirty dishes piling up and rooms to clean. However, doing house chores is bad for your back. Avoid housework that demands a lot of physical chores, such as vacuuming and doing laundry. You must spend more time healing your back rather than straining it. Have another family help you out with the chores or hire help. 

  • Feeding a pet. 

Putting out food and water for your kittens and puppies may seem simple and painless. However, bending down to pick up your pet’s food bowl can cause pain to stir up. This one’s an easy job, so it is recommended that you ask someone else to feed the pets. 

  • Yard work. 

Yard work and gardening involve bending and twisting your body several times during the session. This can not only cause sharp pain but hinder the healing process. If you can manage to do the yard work without bending or twisting your money in a poor postural position, it may be alright for you to do the work. Just make sure it does not put too much pressure on your back. 

These are some of the activities you should avoid if you suffer from a herniated disc and want to heal soon. 

Jacques Bedard