5 Signs It Is Time To Consult An Endocrinologist- Dr. Sean P. Nikravan

5 Signs It Is Time To Consult An Endocrinologist- Dr. Sean P. Nikravan

Hormones play a huge role in your body and mind. Although you cannot physically identify how your hormone levels fluctuate, you can frequently sense once they do. From monthly cycles and skin issues to chronic stress, numerous concerns are associated with hormone fluctuations. While most people turn to their primary physician if they experience unusual symptoms, hormone-related disorders require an endocrinologist. Endocrinology specialist Dr. Sean P. Nikravan, MD, FACE is quite knowledgeable about the body’s hormones and how they affect your overall health. If you experience any of the following concerns, it is best to schedule a consultation. 

1)     You Are Diagnosed with Diabetes

Diabetes is the most prevalent endocrine illness in the United States. Diabetes is characterized by insufficient insulin production, which is necessary for the body to process glucose efficiently. Insulin prevents your blood sugar levels from becoming excessively low or high. If you are pre-diabetic or your doctor identifies you with diabetes, your physician might advise you to consult a specialist for an assessment or to design a care plan.

2)     You Have Thyroid Problems

Your primary care physician may provide a definitive diagnosis if you suffer from a thyroid disorder like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Nevertheless, you could be directed to an endocrinologist to properly monitor your health or develop a plan for its management. Though some general doctors are familiar with these disorders, many may recommend collaborating with a hormonal expert to guarantee you receive optimal care.

3)     Your Hormones Are Irregular

Numerous individuals experience inadequate or excess production of specific hormones. Some males, for instance, have reduced testosterone production, whereas many women face hormonal difficulties before or during menopause. If your doctor recommends a hormone imbalance test, you might gain insight into the underlying disease impacting your physical and emotional health.

4)     You Are Struggling To Conceive

If they encounter difficulties conceiving, many women consult a hormone specialist. Women’s fertility begins to wane around 30 years, so reproductive system issues are extremely prevalent among patients. Women who schedule a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist might obtain insight into any fertility challenges they might be having. Even though infertility is not always the result of a hormonal problem, hormone therapy could be crucial in preparing for in vitro fertilization.

5)     You Identify Unusual Lumps

Your thyroid nodules, found at the base of your neck, regulate hormone levels across your entire body. Once these nodules are not working properly, they might bulge and form lumps. Endocrinologist evaluation is necessary for any form of nodule enlargement. Although the unusual lumps might not necessarily be a huge concern, having a doctor examine you will help you avoid future health concerns.

There are numerous circumstances where it may be prudent to consult an endocrine specialist. Whether you are searching for a way to treat or simply manage your condition, your endocrinologist can help. Dr. Sean P. Nikravan offers top-quality endocrinology care for various hormone-related disorders, including diabetes, thyroid disease, low testosterone, pituitary disorder, and more. If you suspect any of these concerns, call the Newport Beach, CA, office or request an appointment online today.

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