5 Benefits of Same-Day Crown

5 Benefits of Same-Day Crown

Dental crowns play a crucial role in restorative dentistry because they restore the look and functionality of multiple teeth. They are tooth-like caps that enclose the teeth to safeguard their supporting structures. However, the procedure required to get a conventional dental crown might be distressing and time-consuming. Fortunately, San Antonio same day crowns allow you to get a dental crown in only one appointment, saving you time.

If you are considering a same-day dental crown staunton va, here are the benefits of a same-day crown you should know;

  1. Eliminates the need for impression putty

Many people find impression putty intolerable since it can occasionally cause a natural gag reflex. Additionally, this putty is a mess. If you choose same-day crowns, imprint putty won’t be an issue. With a portable camera, the dentist captures photographs of the problematic tooth and the gums around it to create digital dental impressions. These imprints may be made without needing a tray, putty, or goo. These impressions do not necessitate any intrusive procedure either. The best part is how much more precise digital dental impressions are than those made using traditional techniques. A scanner takes incredibly accurate digital imprints to create same-day crowns that perfectly fit over your teeth.

  1. Same-day crowns are safe, sturdy, and reliable

Same-day crowns are created from ceramic or porcelain blocks. This substance resembles natural tooth enamel. If you choose a same-day crown, you will discover it is efficient, secure, and dependable. In certain cases, same-day crowns are more durable than healthy teeth. If the crown is destroyed, which is quite improbable, your dentist will either replace it or repair it in their office.

  1. Same-day crowns feel and look perfectly natural

CEREC crowns are long-lasting enough to be useful and dependable in the long run. Before cementing the crown to the tooth, the dentist will carefully inspect its fit, color, and tint. You will be able to grin with complete confidence after your CEREC crown is in place since the crown our dentist fitted to your mouth will appear to be a real tooth. The fact that our same-day crowns feel like natural teeth is also significant. Digital dental imprints are so accurate that adjustments to same-day crowns are rarely necessary.

  1. They preserve as much of the missing tooth as possible

Your dentist must drill down some damaged teeth to create and put a digital crown in a patient’s mouth. The bulk of the natural tooth will no longer be present. However, dentists that employ same-day crowns are not required to conduct as much drilling. Most of your natural tooth is therefore preserved. In addition to improved tooth preservation, less drilling is done.

  1. Eliminates the need for a temporary crown

Patients who choose to obtain a standard dental crown must wear a temporary crown in their mouth for a few weeks while their permanent crown is being constructed. Temporary crowns must ultimately be removed, and because they are positioned in the mouth using a feeble adhesive, your crown may likely come loose. It could also not fit properly, making it more challenging to chew. A same-day crown can help to avoid these problems.

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