4 Foods That Helps to Build Lean Muscle

4 Foods That Helps to Build Lean Muscle

Avid exercisers usually have strict diets to keep up with their exercising routine. However, these diets sometimes do not contain plant-based foods because they believe they won’t sustain their exercises. Many people are skeptical about foods like grains, red potatoes, and many more helping to build lean muscle. However, research has shown that some foods helped promote lean muscle buildup and helped increase your energy levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the gym or a professional. These four foods will aid in your lean muscle building.


When you’re building lean muscles, you need to always remember your calorie needs. The ideal way to do that is with potatoes. The different varieties of potato-like red potatoes, russet, Yukon Gold, and many more are rich in carbs. They will serve as a great source of energy when you need them. They’re also quite filling and contain many antioxidants. Whatever potato you choose offers you all the nutrients you need when building lean muscles. You should eat the potato before your workout to gain energy or right after for recovery. Some options for you are a potato salad with different potatoes like the red potatoes, white and others. You can then top it off with veggies and mustard.


Legumes are also important when you’re building lean muscles. Legumes are pretty rich in iron and protein, and it is best for after your workout to replenish carbs and protein. It also contains a high fiber level that helps your body absorb nutrients. It also promotes digestion and will maximize the nutrients contained in every food you eat. When eating legumes, you have vast options in beans and lentils to pick from. Just like the red potatoes, you can make them into different dishes with different flavors.

Whole Grains

Another carbohydrate option that’s great for your heart and promotes lean muscles is whole grains. Whole grains provide you many benefits, and it is best before your workout as they will serve as a great source of energy. They also offer you proteins, and some whole grains are pretty rich in antioxidants. An excellent option of whole-grain meals to try out is whole-grain oats with blueberries.


Smoothies will always be a good option when you’re building lean muscles. They feature in this ist because they’re pretty versatile and also quite nutritious. With the right ingredients, you can get the perfect smoothie for your pre-workout option. You can keep it leafy green to improve your blood flow. You could also add berries to the mix because of their high antioxidant value. Ensure you include carbs in your smoothie to provide you with the energies you need.

Martin Dupuis